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Getting the most cash for gold from a local gold buyer is a challenge that we make easy!

What you can expect when you visit New England Gold & Silver to sell your gold.


  • We will explain what 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 19kt, 22kt and 24 karat means, and how it relates to the value of your gold.


  • Help you make sense of all the terms such as grams, pennyweight, troy ounce.


  • We will sort out all your jewelry and Identify exactly what you have and how much money it is worth.


  • With this knowledge, we will encourage you to visit a few places to see what they offer compared to its true value.

  •  When you come back to us, you know for sure that you are getting the most money for your gold.

What New England Gold & Silver Buys:


Broken / bent jewelry

Silver and Platinum Bars

Pins / Brooches

Gold sizing stock

Gold bullion

Gold nuggets

Platinum jewelery

Genuine Fine Watches (Cartier, Rolex)


Diamond rings


Class rings


Estate Jewelry


Gold eyeglass frames












Gold wire

Cluster Rings

Gold flake

Gold buttons

Gold solder




Gold ingots



Gold-filled scrap

Dental fillings


Key chains

Money clips


Placer gold

Gold alloys

Gold Watches

Full or partial
diamond sets

We pay the most cash for gold in Rhode Island.  
We have been awarded:
Best Gold Buyer 5 years in a row!
Cash for Gold Rhode Island
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